Let's Fight a Boss

Ep 172: The Great White North

Episode Summary

Oh no, we let another Canadian on the show.

Episode Notes

Oh no, we let another Canadian on the show.

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Quest Log:

Barbarian, X, Pearl, Derry Girls, Masters of Doom, Seinfeld

Strategy Talk:

Bayonetta 3, Beacon Pines, Parasite Eve

Quicktime Events:

- Fuck

- The

- News

Loot Drop:


Foxcade on YouTube - A Yu-Gi-Oh Trading Card Game Retrospective - https://youtu.be/-zD-Y8lm8wk


An Ghaeilge on YouTube - Monolingual Irish Speaker - https://youtu.be/UP4nXlKJx_4

Julian’s Shorts on YouTube - Tomy Big Loader Technical Review - https://youtu.be/tgnbEFuSlXY


Oni Dino - https://twitter.com/Oni_Dino

Outro Music:

Twinkle Park on SoundCloud - https://soundcloud.com/twinklepark/lets-fight-a-boss-outro-theme